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(You will recall ‘The Beast’ was another of the Countess’s sobriquets). Anyway, here is the full package for The Scarlet Countess, photographed just moments before that first trip to the Post Office. The handwriting on the envelope is Sam Robinson-Horley’s. Zoom in close enough and you can see some of the cover letter and synopsis which accompanies the 28 pages of artwork. Tantalizing, isn’t it?

PS: A big thank you to the Hungarian Comics magazine Kilencedik, who published a story about us (in Hungarian) on Friday.


Aye, our sweet prints hath finally come. If you haven’t yet had the patience to scroll through THE SCARLET COUNTESS Chapter III PDF online, well then this slide show illustrates what a splendid folio we are sending off to graphic novel publishers of repute. Though we are not currently crowdfunding per se, for the right patron “of wealth and taste”, we could of course hurry the whole publication business along. Hint, hint.

Here she is, illustrator Tamás Vári’s character sketch of Countess Erzsébet (Elizabeth) Báthory, in all her cool, imperious glory. Forget the ‘red woman’, this lady was the real thing. But how much truth is there, to the generally accepted history that Báthory was history’s most prolific serial killer, or the legends which say she bathed in the blood of virgins to prolong her youth?

Well, you will just have to read The Scarlet Countess when it comes out, to ascertain that.


What is in no doubt – this was one Hell of a Lady!

How time flies, especially when you are working practically every waking minute of the live long day (and you don’t want to know what we get up to at night). But for those of you eagerly anticipating more from Project Báthory, we just want you to know, that 2015 looks to be a bumper year for the Bloody Countess. For one thing, co-author Scott Alexander Young’s children’s book The Wild Cats of Piran was published around Halloween of this year, and is now available across North America (wherever good books are sold as the saying goes). Clearly, this adds credibility to our publishing chops.

Early in 2015 we’ll make a definitive announcement about our march towards publication of the Báthory graphic novel, but for now we just want to assure our readers (particularly donors to our crowdfunding campaign) that absence has only served to make our twisted hearts fonder.

You heard it here first: Báthory will be back, and thrice as bad in 2015!



In her personal chambers in the tower of her castle, Countess Báthory sits on a throne-like chair raised up on a pedestal. She is dressed resplendently in her bejewelled gown for the wedding feast of her daughter. She holds out a hand mirror into which she gazes intently; in her other hand, draped over the armrest of the chair, she holds a long vicious needle…


Look closely now. This picture just gets more interesting – and disturbing – the longer you look at it: from the portraits of Erzsébet Báthory’s ancestors; to the crooked old lady whispering conspiratorially in the Countess’ ear – the witch Darvulia; to the young girl apparently shivering in the bathtub. It is a testament to the creative powers of illustrator Tomi Vari, and colourist Máté Vadas, and to the writer/researcher team of Sam Robinson-Horley and Scott Alexander Young.

A completed text, and several cover images for the Graphic Novel: we’ve come this far with passion and precision. Now we need your help. Please take a look at our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, how you can contribute, and the incentives for sponsors – from 5 pounds sterling to 1000. And then you’ll really be able to look at yourself in the mirror.

Siege of Nagykanisza, 1601

Yes, the jury is probably still out on whether the crowdfunding campaign will be an unqualified success. We started well, and have so far raised 685 pounds sterling. A very big thank you to everyone who has chipped in so far.  For anyone contemplating joining them, whether with 5 pounds or a 1000, all of it will help Team Báthory to realise this horrid history in vivid colour.


Torture 2

The agony and the ecstasy. Crowdfunding for Báthory the graphic novel got off to a great start last week. 7 funders in 7 days, putting in 465 pounds sterling, which is a bit more than 10 percent of our goal. So we hardly want to use the thumbscrews on the horror, history or vampire loving public. Or indeed employ a device like the Rack, Iron Maiden, Catherine wheel, Stone of Shame or some other exotic form of extraction. Countess Báthory’s (alleged) methods are not for us, however much we might secretly admire the Scarlet Lady.

But… we do believe we have a unique approach to a cracking good story – the Female Dracula for pity’s sake – and we are dependent on the generosity of fans to make it happen. We have lots of lovely incentives for those who back us. Even a five pound infusion is rewarded with a badge or sticker decorated with the Báthory dragon family crest. And you should see what a 1,000 pounds gets you. So come on. Give until it hurts…