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Aye, our sweet prints hath finally come. If you haven’t yet had the patience to scroll through THE SCARLET COUNTESS Chapter III PDF online, well then this slide show illustrates what a splendid folio we are sending off to graphic novel publishers of repute. Though we are not currently crowdfunding per se, for the right patron “of wealth and taste”, we could of course hurry the whole publication business along. Hint, hint.


Torture 2

The agony and the ecstasy. Crowdfunding for Báthory the graphic novel got off to a great start last week. 7 funders in 7 days, putting in 465 pounds sterling, which is a bit more than 10 percent of our goal. So we hardly want to use the thumbscrews on the horror, history or vampire loving public. Or indeed employ a device like the Rack, Iron Maiden, Catherine wheel, Stone of Shame or some other exotic form of extraction. Countess Báthory’s (alleged) methods are not for us, however much we might secretly admire the Scarlet Lady.

But… we do believe we have a unique approach to a cracking good story – the Female Dracula for pity’s sake – and we are dependent on the generosity of fans to make it happen. We have lots of lovely incentives for those who back us. Even a five pound infusion is rewarded with a badge or sticker decorated with the Báthory dragon family crest. And you should see what a 1,000 pounds gets you. So come on. Give until it hurts…