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Herewith more work-in-progress on Countess Báthory, the Graphic Novel. This slide show/picture gallery combines some of Tamás Vari’s exquisite draft compositions: including the Countess in her octagonal tower, looking down on the scene of an execution; with photographs of interiors meant as a tonal guideline, for our colorist, Máté Vadas.

And the final image, well it’s one of Tamás and Máté’s ‘poster images’. The Countess stalks her castle, alone at night, while a frightened innocent cowers in the shadows…

Heady stuff, and there’s a lot more where that came from, as things are heating up, and not only on funeral pyres…


Last night across the United States, viewers were treated to Episode II of the new Dracula TV series, starring Johnathan Rhys Myers as the vampiric nobleman. If you happen to live in the US, you can watch the full episode here, on the NBC mini-site. (Otherwise, you’ll see a message which reads, “the clip you selected is not available from your location”).

The series is a reboot for the caped consumer, one in which he is rescued by Van Helsing, not hunted by him, and where he poses as an American businessman in Victorian London. The pale, Byronic and almost otherworldly Rhys Meyers looks born to play the part. Playing a rather smaller role in the production was Scott Alexander Young, one of the co-creators of Countess Báthory, the graphic novel. That’s him below, in the top hat, beside Nonzo Anozie as a reinvented RM Renfield.

Dracula - Season 1

Scott plays a Real Estate Agent, and hopefully it’s not giving too much away to say that his character is probably the most fortunate of real estate agents to ever come into contact with the ancient Transylvanian Prince.

And speaking of Transylvania, we had to admire what we were able to watch of the Dracula Origins animation series which you can find on the NBC site, and which again, is firewalled outside the US. Well, except for the first episode which has somehow made it into the public domain and is linked to above.