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Aye, our sweet prints hath finally come. If you haven’t yet had the patience to scroll through THE SCARLET COUNTESS Chapter III PDF online, well then this slide show illustrates what a splendid folio we are sending off to graphic novel publishers of repute. Though we are not currently crowdfunding per se, for the right patron “of wealth and taste”, we could of course hurry the whole publication business along. Hint, hint.



As a window into the world of Hungary in the early years of the 17th century, its politics and skullduggery, its untenable position on the front line of the conflict between the cross and the crescent, we believe Countess Báthory – The Scarlet Lady is far more compelling than the usual dry history text, gathering dust in an academic library. Mind you, we certainly sifted through a number of historical tomes, in both English and Hungarian, to piece together our story. We also went on the road. These photos were taken at Cachtice castle, in modern day Slovakia, (or Csejte as it would have been known in the Scarlet Lady’s time.) (more…)

Just a few days until the launch on indiegogo of the crowdfunding project for Countess Báthory, the graphic novel…

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