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Herewith more work-in-progress on Countess Báthory, the Graphic Novel. This slide show/picture gallery combines some of Tamás Vari’s exquisite draft compositions: including the Countess in her octagonal tower, looking down on the scene of an execution; with photographs of interiors meant as a tonal guideline, for our colorist, Máté Vadas.

And the final image, well it’s one of Tamás and Máté’s ‘poster images’. The Countess stalks her castle, alone at night, while a frightened innocent cowers in the shadows…

Heady stuff, and there’s a lot more where that came from, as things are heating up, and not only on funeral pyres…

Yes to pick up from our introductory post, it was a fascinating but lengthy process, sifting through all the legends that have grown up around Báthory over the centuries – separating the myths not just from the substantiated facts, but carefully reading through the lines of trial documents and letters to form our own views on the unspeakable crimes she is said to have perpetuated around 400 years ago in the dungeons of the Countess’s many castles, and in her riding coach and in the country air – or so it was claimed at the time. To lift from the blurb which accompanies the video:
“Some said she was beautiful. Some said she was intelligent. Some said she was powerful. Some said she tortured over 600 virgin girls and bathed in their blood to keep herself forever young with dark magic. This is what the history books record but this is only half the story.”
Send shivers down your spine? It does ours.